Niamh Kissane

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I trained as a Bio-Energy Therapist with The Bio-Energy School of Ireland and graduated in 2014. Before learning about energy, I was beginning to develop a stronger interest in complimentary therapy and had completed qualifications in Medical Acupuncture and Neurostructural Integration Technique. My professional background began as a Chartered Physiotherapist, having graduated from UCD in 1999. After many years working, initially in hospitals, and then in private practice both at home and overseas, I opened my own practice in Tralee with the aim of providing both Physiotherapy and Bio-Energy Therapy.

Whilst training with Bio-Energy School of Ireland, I could see more clearly the many reasons why some people didn’t get better with conventional treatment alone for physical injuries or conditions. Naturally my own healing path took a huge leap when I began to understand about energy and my own energy interactions with the world and in relationships. I used to be a keen competitive runner and loved the outdoors but I ended up being out of balance after expending much of my energy reserves on yang activities. I now know better how to rebalance my energies and what tools to use to best ‘recharge’ my system. I believe also that we’re always growing and that our happiness depends on our ability to move, go inward, reach out and believe in ourselves and in our gifts.

Niamh can be contacted at:

Mob: 087 795 7656