Code of Practice and Conduct

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) practioners / therapists must bear in mind that it is primarily their responsibilty to ensure that their professional conduct and personal activities, whether covered by the guidelines or not, comply with the law.

  1. (CAM) practitioners / therapists will always work within the law and comply with Health and Safety regulations.
  2. Maintain and safeguard accurate and legible records. Ensure that clients records are stored securely and that clients access  to them is limited to their own records and those who otherwise have a legitimate right of access. Keep appointments and be on time.
  3. Will not advise or encourage a client to ignore medical advice or abstain from taking prescribed medication.
  4. Minimize conflicts of interest and dual relationships which could affect their personal relationship.
  5. Keep knowledge and skills up to date and represent their qualifications honestly.
  6. Be satisfied that the client or other valid authority understands and has consented before commencing and terminating treatment.
  7. Give clients the information they need and in a way they can understand, in order to make an informed decision about their treatment.
  8. Listen to clients and respect their confidentiality, wishes, knowledge and views about their health.
  9. Answer clients questions respectfully, giving only such information and advice which is relevant to their current needs.
  10. Only provide therapies they are qualified to practice and as agreed in advance with their client.