“Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”.

George Bernard Shaw


Welcome to the Bio Energy Therapists Association website. B.E.T.A. is a professional body of qualified Bio-Energy Therapists. B.E.T.A. sets and maintains the standards of practice for qualified Bio Energy therapists in Ireland. B.E.T.A. is a member of The Federation of Irish Complementary Therapy Associations, F.I.C.T.A.


About B.E.T.A.

The Bio-Energy Therapists Association (B.E.T.A.) was established in 2001 as a professional body for Bio-Energy Therapists in Ireland.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To provide a forum for the development and exchange of clinical knowledge and skills.
  • To develop and promote high professional standards of practice.
  • To promote the therapy with integrity.
  • To encourage mutual support among members.

BETA committee: Frances Byrne, Patricia O’Keeffe, Chairperson: Teresa Clarke, Secretary : Mary O’Donnell, Treasurer: Paul Carroll, FICTA Representative: Teresa Clarke