Darja Feldmane

I am a Bio-Energy Therapist and a Reiki Master and for the past fifteen years I have been exploring ways how we can live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. This search has led me on a long journey of studying yoga and meditation, different healing modalities, holistic therapies, ancient and modern traditions, psychology and philosophy… and the list goes on.
What initially drew me to practising Bio-Energy healing, is that it is a system that incorporates a strong base of ancient knowledge and traditions and is well tied in with the modern research and advancement in science.  Since then, with every day of practice, my deep respect and appreciation of Bio-Energy healing is growing and I am happy to offer these beautiful holistic healing sessions to my clients, both in person and through distance healing.
You are very welcome to contact me by emailing daryadevi.energy@gmail.com or on 089 256 3663.