Anne Galligan

Anne Galligan 25.05.2017

I have always been interested in alternative Medicine and in June 2016 I qualified as a Bio- Energy Therapists with the Bio Energy School of Ireland.

Bio-Energy is a gentle non-invasive therapy. It does not interfere with any medication or treatment. It is a clearing, detoxing and balancing of the 7 main Chakra points of the body to promote the body’s own healing system. Blocked and negative energy cause disease and various ailments in the body including arthritis, back pain, skin ailments, depression and many more. Bio-Energy can also be used solely as a stress relieving tool to bring about a sense of wellbeing. Releasing tension and stress helps to keep the body healthy.

I have had some positive results from Client’s such as immediate pain relief, increase in energy levels and better sleep patterns.

Anne can be contacted on:

Mob: 086 260 8921